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With an 360-degree adjustable swivel and foldable bracket , you can rotate your smartphone or device at your own will, providing the best viewing angle.

Folding Magnetic Bracket: Paste on the curved surface, stable upgrade, strong suction force, unobstructed view. Retractable, foldable in one second, small and stable, easy to fold when not in use, get rid of clutter, compact and does not take up space

Advantages: 6 strong magnets, folding design, stable and non-slip, one-handed operation, the magnetic force is slowly put down and automatically adsorbed, no matter how shaken it is, will not fall, it is very easy to take with one hand.Closed magnetic field does not affect the sign

Uses: suitable for furniture, office, car. The mobile phone model is universal, nano-strong glue, tear off without leaving marks, can also be pasted on the slope, without hurting the car.

  • Color: Black/Silver
  • Weight: 70g
  • Product folded size: 56 x 36 x 20 mm
    Product stretched size: 56 x 36 x 60 mm
  • Special Features:Adjustable,Foldable,Magnetic

Package Includes:

  • 1x New Alloy Folding Magnetic Car Phone Holder
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Judy Person
Verified Buyer

I've had this for about a year now and I use this phone mount every time I ride my bike. For the price it is about unbeatable. Initially, I was worried that on heavy trails or when going over bumps, the phone might come loose but the design is very secure and not once has my phone come loose. The straps that secure the phone can accidentally press the side buttons on the phone but once you are aware of this its pretty easy to slide the straps on without getting close to the buttons. One very slight drawback - there are times when I'm riding and want to take a picture with my phone. Removing the phone from the flexible straps takes a little doing and sometimes I miss the picture, but I'm not sure any design that secures the phone safely would also be easy to free up. Overall it is an excellent product.

Kinga Mcghee
Verified Buyer

I bought this for my motorcycle. It's a custom bike and I use a cruise around at 80 to 90 miles an hour. One thing I love is the fact that it fits my handlebars because they're pretty big and they give you two different sizes for handlebars. They also give you multiple sizes for your phone. It's not only great to get extra pieces but they're also sturdy as hell. And then there's the fact that you know that your phone is secure or not going to blow off the bike

Millicent O'Brien
Verified Buyer

I use this with my IPhone Xs for mountain biking on rough trails and have never had the phone come loose, even after small jumps. I had it loosen part way after a crash, but it didn’t come out of the corner straps. I love that I can use my trail mapping app and Strava and have all the functions of my phone, while ditching the old bike computer, which had limited functionality anyhow. I liked mine so much that I gave one to my son and daughter, who also bike with me. They both love the upgrade over the old bike computer.

Sameeha Foreman
Verified Buyer

I have this on my BMW motorcycle. If you are looking for the best, this is the one. This phone mount is easy to install no tools required like the other brands. Plus I got three rubbers in the box, in case one breaks to hold the phone, this set-up will last for years. My other one I purchased from a different vendor broke, hence I needed a replacement, this is THE ONE

Darcey Salinas
Verified Buyer

This is amazing! Holds incredibly well! Here is a video of my husband doing 95 mph while the iphone 7+ is on the holder.

Keira Wilkinson
Verified Buyer

Order was delivered on time and the phone mount worked great on my recumbent trike. I hit some big bumps but the mount held the phone steady. This mount is a great value for the price AND has great performance!

Alima Fitzpatrick
Verified Buyer

The mount works perfectly! It fit right into my little Puch SportMaxi moped with no issues.

Effie Kidd
Verified Buyer

Very easy to install and to adjust for riders preferences. I am tall so I need to be able to adjust the angle of my phone differently than someone shorter than me. I like that I can move the phone to where I can see it. Depending on the day and direction I am riding the sun will hit the phone and makes it hard to see. With this mount I can adjust it on the fly in order to see the face of my phone. The holder fits my S9+ with the otter box on. I do have to install the straps in a kiddy corner pattern; one top corner and the opposite bottom corner then repeat. Alot easier than trying to put both top corners over the phone than the 2 bottom corners. Easy to remove and install the phone when I get on and off the bike at stops. It is very secure and does not bounce around. It also comes with a registered Lifetime warranty. I added a accessories bar because my bike has sloping handlebars that narrow as they slope. It lifted the phone holder out of the way of my other displays.

Alberto Bauer
Verified Buyer

This is my second purchase of this mount. I really like the way it works on my mountain bike so I bought a second one for my road bike. The mounting system is very flexible and fits both bikes nicely. It seems secure and solid.

Kailum Fuller
Verified Buyer

Got this for my new mountain bike, so I can have y phone mounted on my bike so I can use GPS or whatever else. This handled exceptionally well. I added my GoPro to the bike as well, it seems the go pro moved much more than this stand. I hit the trails and this stand handled amazingly. My phone did not move at all from it's place. This was easy to add and remove the phone from here, with the elastic bands that hold it in place. The trails were intermediate trails, had a lot of hills and bumps, like I said, my go pro moved more than the phone. I highly recommend this bike mount. It even comes with. extra straps should you want to switch them out.

Flynn Stamp
Verified Buyer

My teens bike to/from summer jobs daily. Though their bike baskets work reasonably well for transporting basic gear such as a jacket or water bottle, the need to protect their phone for the “commute” has always been an issue. The ride always included lots of bumps over uneven areas and even items in the basket need securing to prevent being jostled out. Placing in a pocket or holding in their hand just doesn’t seem like the best way to go considering how expensive phones are these days. We researched and purchased one Roam mount and were very pleased with ease of installation, use, accessibility and most importantly, security of the phone. All great! And so we purchased a second. Five stars. Highly recommend!

Harpreet Townsend
Verified Buyer

I recently started biking and needed a phone mount so that I could see the trail as I biked. I read a lot of reviews for many mounts and decided on this one. I’m so glad I did.

Hanifa Ruiz
Verified Buyer

I received this as a gift and liked it so much that I purchased one for a friend. The unit mounts easily to the bicycle handle bars and securely holds the phone using a spring clamp, and silicone rubber corner straps. On my Android phone, the power button is mounted on the side, so the phone has to be clamped slightly off-center vertically. My friend's I-phone mounted perfectly centered. I don't use the phone while riding, but have found that the phone is more secure on my handlebars than in my pants pocket where it could fall out. Phone is very easily removed when finished riding.

James Hunter
Verified Buyer

I ordered this smartphone holder with some resevraion after reading some of the negative coments and researching many other holders decided to take a chance on this version base on other favorable comments, I was pleased with the construction, holder strength, stability and flexible design. I read where folks reported springs breaking or holder was weak causing possibly losing your phone, I found none of that, it was very stable and secure, no concern losing the phone and I might add, it comes with 2 additional sizes of silicone holders. Definitely recommend particularly since its reasonably priced

Mehak Patrick
Verified Buyer

Used in bikes and scooters. Super easy to install, and will not damage the handlebar due to rubber padding. The phone is secured by the rubber, which folds over the four corners, and secured by the hard plastic piece on the side. Never had the phone fall out, or the phone move up and down when riding. Best phone mount I have seen, would work on just about any application that has a bar. There is a plastic screw on the piece that holds the phone; tighten this when you get the phone into the desired position, and then it will not move. For this price, you can not get a better working phone mount. If you buy this product, you will not be disappointed.

Shamima Haas
Verified Buyer

This item works as advertised. So easy to mount. Mounting capability is super flexible and should fit on any handlebar size.

Debbie Watts
Verified Buyer

This is very easy to install and use. I have a Galaxy Note 10+ and it holds it just fine. There are a few different sizes of rubber that add reinforced security to whatever size phone you have. So it's a double layer of protection.

Princess Frazier
Verified Buyer

I have to say this thing really knows how to hold a phone. I bought this for my dirt bike so I could easily look at the trail maps on an old cell phone and I've crashed probably eight or nine times. The phone stayed put every time. When the battery on my old cell phone died I even felt confident enough in the mount to use my actual cell phone. Both phones are pixels the old phone is a Pixel 2 and the new one is a Pixel 3.

Zhane Hanson
Verified Buyer

The mount is sturdy and solid.

Lacey-Mai Murray
Verified Buyer

I am very impressed with this phone mount. It is about the third I've gotten from different vendors and this is indeed, by far, the best.

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