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I bought this puzzle set for my grandkids. It is one of their favorite toys to play with! I will be adding more sets! One happy grandma:)

~Maria N, Wibooth Customer

Looking for a toy that sparks creativity, sharpens problem-solving skills, and guarantees hours of fun?

✔️Endless Racing Fun
✔️Boosts Creativity with Mix and Match Tracks
✔️Enhances problem-solving skills
✔️Fun for the whole family
✔️ Perfect gift for kids aged 3 and up!”Discover the Joy of Learning Now!”


Unleash the Power of Imagination and Learning!

Encourage your child to think outside the box and develop problem-solving skills while indulging in hours of immersive, educational play.

Endless Ingenious Track Design

Prepare for whirlwind of excitement as our set tracks, and loops are seamlessly snapping together to create a racing adventure.

Elevate Their Playtime with Durability and Safety

Crafted meticulously with high-quality, child-friendly materials, our EduTrack Puzzle Set is engineered to endure the rigors of energetic play. 

Nurturing Creativity through Play

Encouraging young minds to explore their creativity, and experiment with various track layouts and configurations, fostering a sense of accomplishment and ingenuity with every twist and turn. 


Fun, Learning, and Unforgettable Memories Await!

Discover the PuzzlePlay: Beyond a Toy, it’s a World of Wonder! Tailored for children aged 3 and above, it’s the ultimate gift for birthdays, Christmas, and cherished occasions. PuzzlePlay isn’t just about play (though there’s plenty of that!), it’s an investment in learningprecious family moments, and lifelong memories.

Learning Through Play

Explore Logical Track Puzzles with PuzzlePlay. Boost cognitive development, imagination, logic, and problem-solving skills through engaging track-building fun!

Beyond a Toy, It’s a Perfect Gift

Looking for a distinctive and delightful present? PuzzlePlay fits the bill for kids aged 3 and above. Whether for birthdays, Christmas, or other memorable moments, it’s not just a gift—it’s an investment in educational play and cherished family moments.

Endless Adventures with Diverse Themes

Select from thrilling options like dinosaurs, oceans, land, and space. These immersive themes ignite imaginative play and enhance storytelling skills.


Welcome to the world of Puzzlefun  Track Set, where kids can craft their dream tracks for hours of captivating play. It’s more than a puzzle racer; it’s a brain-boosting challenge that hones problem-solving, logic, and coordination skills. Let the adventures roll!


Get ready for endless entertainment and education with our Puzzlefun  Track Set. This exceptional toy seamlessly blends learning with play through its innovative mix-and-match design, ensuring hours of both enjoyment and enrichment. Dive into a world of fun-filled, educational exploration!


Made from tough ABS plastic, Puzzlefun is designed to endure exciting races. Every track piece has smooth edges for safe handling, giving you peace of mind while your child enjoys their playtime.



Verified Buyer

Great little puzzle for kids and adults. Got this for my 4 year old and then found my husband playing with it when he had gone to bed. You can make different tracks and watch the aeroplane wizz round. Puzzle is plastic so quite sturdy. Plane take x1 aaa battery if I remember Kept my children happy (and the husband) for a while, whilst secretly getting them all to use their minds in the process

Verified Buyer

This is a great toy. Not only is it fun to watch the little car ride around the track, but I love the fact that the child really has to use their critical thinking skills when figuring out how to put the pieces together to make a continuous track for the car. I would definitely recommend buying this toy. My only wish would be that you could buy more of the little cars separately. We have a couple of the track puzzles from a long time ago that need the little cars and I can’t find them anywhere!!

Verified Buyer

Everything is well-made and looks good. It comes with 12 track pieces (which are numbered on the back to help with assembly). Definitely planning to order a different themed set and see if they can be combined for an even larger track. What a clever idea! Am glad we came across this.

Verified Buyer

This turned out to be a favorite for my young grandson to play with his grandpa who has dementia. They spend hours building a new path for the plane.

Louise Brammall
Verified Buyer

Fab set for ages 3 and above. Good to do jigsaw and have the added bonus of a track. Keeps entertained for hours

Verified Buyer

This toy is pretty versatile. It can be made into many different maps for the little electric car to move around. The car requires 2 AAA batteries, which in my opinion it would be better if it can be rechargeable with a cord so it's more environmental friendly for the long run, and not have to keep buying new batteries. So the car stays in the track with the front wheel shown in the photo I attached here. We like that the track puzzle is made with plastic and sized well so it's easy to handle by younger kids, and more durable. Overall a fun toy, our toddlers like it.

Verified Buyer

It works! See the video! So, so happy! I have been trying for over a year to get one of these puzzle / vehicle toys that works. Third time is the charm, I guess.I bought a similar toy (from a different maker) with a wind-up vehicle about a year ago, but it never worked and was a huge disappointment. I have also experienced a similar toy (from a different maker) that sort of worked - the vehicle worked, but would get stuck every time it went into the tighter curves (the "hilly" puzzle pieces used in that version of the toy were a contributing factor, I think).So, after having had more experience with this type of toy than I every expected to have, I can confidently say that it is better to have a battery-operated vehicle than a wind-up vehicle, and - although the puzzle pieces that are molded to simulate a hilly terrain add interest - one gets the best functionality when the puzzle pieces are flat, as those included with this toy are.It is odd that the instructions indicate that one must not use a reusable battery in this toy. That is not very environmentally friendly. I hope that most people these days do not have on hand non-reusable batteries. I don't, and I certainly was not going to buy one. I used a normal reusable battery and so far all is well.One word of caution: This toy comes in what an adult might think is a cute giftable box (see included photo). The box shows items that aren't included with the toy, but an adult will note the finely printed disclaimer on the subject. The toymaker simply used the same box to package different versions of this toy. BUT a child might not take this well. We opted for the "forest" version (which is more like an odd mix of jungle creatures, deciduous forest dwellers, and house pets, but I try not to focus too much on the oft-flawed logic of toy graphic design) of this toy, which comes with a red car. The box shows - in addition to the red car - an airplane, a green jeep, and a blue jet ski type thing. My 4.5 YO became upset because he wanted the other vehicles as well. Perhaps his toy set was incomplete? Perhaps I was hiding the other vehicles from him for some nefarious purpose? He refused to play with the toy for a bit because he was holding out for the airplane, which is very prominently featured on the box. The graphic designer (or AI) who did the images on the box definitely did not take child psychology into account. Depending on the nature of the child who is to receive this toy, you might want to put it in a different box prior to presenting it to the child. A hassle, but worth it if you can evade the tears that I endured due to the images on the box.

Verified Buyer

Amazing little track toy that works like a jigsaw puzzle so the pieces can be placed in a certain order to allow the plane to follow the track. There are a number of different ways of setting the track, giving variety and creativity. The little plane has a wheel that slots into the track allowing it to follow the route.The plane require 1AAA battery. It doesn't take up too much space.Would make a great present.

Verified Buyer

We ordered this set for our 2-year-old grandson. The set is compact and easy to store or carry. It is easy to put together and provides for some customization of the track. The plane requires a AAA battery and runs on a track. When we first put it together and tried it, the wheel on the plane was stuck, which made it run off the track. However, once we got it to move freely it works great.This is a fun little toy that can stimulate the imagination as the child designs the track layout. I'm sure he will be entertained with it.

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